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            Puerto Vallarta Weather Report
            Welcome天津彩票官方开奖 to Puerto Vallarta's liveliest website!
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            Op-Ed: Social Media - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
            Luis Antonio

            As with everything else, social media brings both good and bad things into our lives. It can change people's perception of the world and themselves, and not always for the better. What many don't know is that, at least in Mexico, false posts can lead to civil, or even criminal, charges.

            November 30 is International Computer Security Day

            Computers, tablets, and smartphones have made our lives easier by making communication faster, more convenient, and more efficient. At the same time, they've created privacy and security issues. Nov. 30 is Computer Security Day, a great time to take control of your online security.

            Did Aztec Oceandance Inspire Vallarta's Record Rains?
            Suzy Chaffee

            On September 28, 2019 our wonderful Aztec group, led by Itzcax and Mayahuel, performed an Oceandance ceremony next to Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Rosita. It was to give Mother Earth appreciation for balancing our weather, as illustrated by some surprising headlines.

            OpEd: Is Julián Castro's Monolingualism a Failure?

            Julian Castro announced his candidacy for the US presidency in both English and Spanish. Speaking the language of one's ancestors is not required for candidates who trace their origin to other ethnic groups, but in the case of Latino candidates, it's viewed as a basic requirement.

            Should Mexico Run a Tourist Train Through the Yucatan?
            Gabriel Diaz Montemayor - The Conversation

            Mexico's president wants to build a train that will bring visitors from the beaches of Cancun to the colonial cities and archaeological sites on the Yucatan Peninsula. But the train must be designed in a way that respects the delicate ecology, indigenous history and social fabric of the region.

            Why We Love the Musicians Who Entertain & Inspire Us
            Debbie White -

            Musicians sacrifice many things in life in order to express their art and speak their truth. And their message and music help us navigate our own life journey. Thankfully, there are many wonderful musicians in the Banderas Bay area that entertain and inspire us with their music.

            Little Time Left to Save Mexico's Vanishing Vaquita
            Richard Parker - New York Times

            The latest report on the number of vaquita marina left in Mexico's Gulf of California raises concerns over the survival of the world's smallest porpoise. Without a strictly enforced ban on even possessing gillnets, the species will soon go extinct in the wild.

            'Proof of Heaven' Clarifies Why PV was Saved from Willa
            Suzy Chaffee -

            Thank Heaven, Puerto Vallarta and her people were protected from Hurricane Willa, after also magically surviving Patricia! A Harvard brain surgeon, recently featured in a Newsweek cover story, finally helps us scientifically understand why we were so blessed.

            Legal & Illegal Immigration: A Winning Hand for Trump?
            Domenico Maceri -

            Everyone remembers the way Trump began his presidential campaign in 2015, attacking undocumented immigrants, accusing them of being criminals. Now, the 45th president of the United States has signaled that he wants to go even further, striking legal immigrants.

            Assessing the Effects of Microplastics on Human Health
            John Meeker - The Conversation

            Given that human exposure to microplastics is widespread, results from animal studies are a cause for concern and an important factor for risk assessment. But, lab animals and wildlife are not accurate proxies for what might happen in humans due to differences among species.

            Travel is a Fundamental Component of Being a Humanist
            Randy Malamud - The Conversation

            Psychologists have found that the more countries you visit, the more trusting you'll be. Immersion in foreign places boosts creativity, and diverse experiences make people's minds more flexible. As Mark Twain once said, 'Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.'

            World Cup: Nationalistic Feelings - Beyond the Soccer Field
            Domenico Maceri -

            It's difficult to predict who will take 天津彩票官方开奖 the World Cup trophy this year. One country天津彩票官方开奖, though, has already won. As the host country天津彩票官方开奖, Russia will be the focus not only of significant media attention, but of political legitimacy as well. Vladimir Putin, by hosting the games, has already won.

            Is Seaweed the Answer to the Global Plastic Crisis?
            Bakti Berlyanto Sedayu - The Conversation

            The impacts of global plastic use have reached an alarming level. Plastic waste not only damages the environment but also threatens marine life. A start-up in Indonesia is developing bioplastic products that show seaweed's potential as an alternative to nondegradable materials.

            Opinion: John Kelly Fails English and History
            Domenico Maceri -

            'They don't speak English. They don't integrate well.' This is how John Kelly described his reasons for blocking Mexican immigrants from coming into the US. In truth, immigrants learn enough English to make it in America, providing the base for their kids to integrate fully and live the dream.

            Kilometer 5: Killer Views, Great Burgers ... and Pizza?
            Ed Schwartz -

            I had a pizza last night at Kilometer 5 in Higuera Blanca. It is a wonderful, funky spot with a killer view and more iterations of a pizza than one can imagine. In a nutshell, the pizza at Km 5 tastes pretty great, but the issue I have is that it isn't pizza. It is pizza-like. Let me explain.

            Mexico's 'Silicon Valley' Offers Different Image for US
            Steven Greenhut - Orange County Register

            Guadalajara's technology boom is definitely one of a kind, so it's easy to understand those who bristle at the 'Silicon Valley' comparison. But the comparison is an improvement from the usual American discussions of Mexico, which center around drug cartels and illegal immigration.

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